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Audison Prima AK 6.5 C2

Audison Prima AK 6.5 C2
Audison Prima AK 6.5 C2

This 2-way Prima set is only available to purchase in store it has been developed to make the most of the 65 Watt per channel power of the Prima 8.9bit amplifier. This super efficient speaker set is designed with a 2 ohm impedance to almost double the level of sound when compared to the 4 ohm set. A wide dispersion characteristic of both tweeter and woofer compensates for traditionally poor mounting positions provided in the majority of vehicles. The cone geometry has been further improved to increase the maximum excursion ensuring big power handling of up to 300 watts peak (100 Watts continuous). The 2-way set is provided with both woofer and tweeter crossovers featuring filter slopes of 6 and 12 dB per octave respectively with anti saturation technologies employed to avoid swamping. All of the technical features combine to deliver excellent clarity and volume high levels for a relatively low power overhead.

Price: £209.99

Technical Specification

Woofer Size mm (in.): 165 (6.5)
Tweeter Size mm (in.): 26 (1)
Power Handling W: 300 peak, 100 Continuous
Impedance ohms: 2
Frequency Response Hz: 45 - 20k
Sensitivity dB SPL/2.83Vrms/1m: 94
AP 1 C2 tweeter crossover Name: APCX TW C2 Hi-Pass: 4 KHz @ 12dB/Oct.
AP 6.5 C2 woofer crossover Name: APCX WF C2 Low-Pass: 4 kHz @ 6 dB/Oct.
APCX TW C2 crossover adjustment dB Tweeter Level: 0 / +2
Woofer Magnet size D x d x h mm (in.): 85 x 32 x 15
(3.35 x 1.26 x 0.59)
Tweeter Magnet size D x d x h mm (in.): 19 x 3 (0.75 x 0.12)
Weight of one speaker:
Woofer 0.86 (1.9)
Tweeter 0.065 (0.14)
Voice Coil Diameter: Woofer 25 (1), Tweeter 20 (0.8)

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