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Audison USS4

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Audison USS4
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Audison USS4
Audison USS4

Some modern day head units monitor their speaker outputs for a low impedance load. If not seen, they selectively turn channels off. When using such head unit's speaker outputs with the high level (high impedance) inputs of a bit product, channels can be caused to switch off. The USS4 completely cures this issue accepting up to four channels. Furthermore, this hide away box allows for a turn on delay of up to 8 seconds to be added to avoid annoying "bumps and bangs" on power up.

Price: £39.99

Technical Specification

4 Input/Output Channels
Power Max 50 W
Input Impedance 12 Ohm
Output Impedance 12 Ohm
Remote Out (only with 12 VDC Power Supply) 12 VDC 150 mA
Remote Out Delayed (only with 12 VDC Power Supply) 12 VDC 150 mA; 1 to 8 sec.
Weight (gr / lb.) 90 / 0.19

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Audison USS4

£39.99 per unit

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