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Audison THESIS

Audison Thesis car audio amplifiers are more than just a study in technology. The Audison Thesis car amplifier programme genuinely pushes the boundaries of car audio excellence and rewrites the rules of car audio amplification.

Audison Thesis HV venti

"The Amplifier"


Price: £8499.99

Audison TH uno

High End Mono Amplifier


Price: £2699.99

Audison TH due

High End 2 Channel Amplifier


Price: £2499.99

Audison TH quattro

High End 4 Channel Amplifier


Price: £2999.99

Audison TH 1.5 II violino

Beyond the absolute

Beyond the absolute


Price: £849.99

Audison Thesis TH 6.5 II Sax

Compromise-free 6.5" Woofer


Price: £1149.99