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Hertz makes the latest audio technologies available to those on tight budgets. Italian designed leading-edge speaker, amplifier and subwoofer technology at affordable prices.

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Technology-led car audio excellence from world-renowned audio product innovator. Audison amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers and signal processors - simply the best choice for those in pursuit of excellence.

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High quality engineering coupled with an experience born from hours of listening. This German brand leads the way in pleasing sonic performance for the discerning listener.

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Take control of your audio with equalisers, signal processors and OEM integration solutions from leading American manufacturer.

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Q+ Design is a comprehensive range of speaker adaptor rings as well as custom, loaded and general-purpose subwoofer enclosures for in car use.

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Soundman is an innovator of mobile device integration specialists. High quality holders for phones and tablets offering customers a familiar source unit for car audio.

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The UK's leading manufacturer of sound deadening and acoustic treatment products for any vehicle. Reduce road-noise and improve speaker output and response.

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High quality ultra-reliable cables, connectors and interconnects for car audio electronics and speakers. Insist on the best.

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Product Highlights

  • Audison Prima AP 8.9 Bit

    Audison Prima AP 8.9 Bit8-channel amplifier with Bit processor.

    This extremely versatile plug and play amplifier will set your speakers free from the constraints of vehicle manufacturers sound curves. 8-channels and Bit technology in a very compact case.

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  • Rainbow Germanium 4

    Rainbow Germanium 4The Hi-fi enthusiasts choice

    Rainbow Germanium car audio amplifiers deliver precise sonic reproduction that suits all genres

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  • Rainbow Dream 4

    Rainbow Dream 4Outstanding sonic performance and incredibly value

    Dream line of amplifiers are robust, strong performers which encapsulate the considerable knowledge and experience gained over many years of high-end amplifier design.

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  • BMW Custom fit

    BMW Custom fitHigh-end musical performance designed for your BMW

    IL BMW specific speakers are both compact and powerful providing a quantum leap in performance over standard BMW standard equipment

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