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Designed with power in mind, ETON POW components speakers feature a fibreglass/compressed paper cone and the PRX Coaxial a mixture of both coated paper and Kevlar/carbon cones. The two ranges have a incredible efficiency rating providing high sound pressure with even modest amounts of power.

ETON POW 200.2

8" (200mm) 2-way component speaker system


Price: £379.99

ETON POW 172.2

POW 172.2, 6.5" (165mm) 2-way speaker system


Price: £299.99

ETON POW 100.2

POW 100.2 4" (100mm) , 2-way component speakers


Price: £239.99

ETON PRX 110.2

PRX 100.2 4" (100mm) , 2-way coaxial speakers


Price: £184.99

ETON PRX 170.2

6.5" 2-way Coaxial Speaker System


Price: £229.99