AudioControl DM-RTA

AudioControl DM-RTA
AudioControl DM-RTA

A superb, multi-function audio analyser. Analyses audio signals from balanced or unbalanced line, speaker and microphone inputs. Connects to a Mac or PC and outputs real time data.

Price: £1,299.99

Technical Specification

1 x Balanced (Input Impedance 3.24k Ohm)
1 x Unbalanced (Input Impedance 3.24k Ohm)
1 x Microphone (Input Impedance 10k Ohm)
1 x Speaker Level (Input Impedance 16.24k Ohm)
Max Low Level Input Voltage: 8 Vrms
Max High Level Input Voltage: 40 Vrms

1 x Balanced (Output Impedance: 51Ohm)
1 x Unbalanced (Output Impedance: 51Ohm)
1 x Coax Digital (Output Impedance: 75 Ohm)
1 x Toslink
1 x USB
Max Output Voltage from Signal Generator: 5 Vrms / 7 V Peak
Dimensions: 8?W x 4.8?D x 2.4?H
Weight: 2.6lbs (1.2kg)

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