Tiguan Package

Tiguan Package
Tiguan Package

This awesome demonstrator has been turning heads already this year, but the real magic happens when you get in, close the doors and fire up the audio system. The hi res music source plays files with a 24bit word depth and up to 96kHz sampling frequency. This wipes the floor with traditional 16 bit 44.1 or 48 kHz CD. Of course, a hi res source demands high quality amplification and versatile, hi fidelity speakers. This vehicle has that in spades. Imagine hearing the breath of a saxophone player, the fret buzz from an acoustic guitar, the slightest touch of a cymbal even over deep articulate bass. Not only can these sounds be heard, they can be heard to originate exactly from the place in the soundscape in which they were placed on the original recording. Imagine all of this and you get someway to understanding the true potential of this system. All of the equipment in the system can be hidden from view. Furthermore, it can all be removed and installed in your next vehicle, leaving no trace behind (except for the sound treatment)

Price: £2,279.91

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