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Audison Prima APBMW REAMP 2

Audison Prima APBMW REAMP 2
Audison Prima APBMW REAMP 2

This Plug&Play T-Harness provides the ability to install an Audison AP F on BMW vehicles equipped with RAM module. It’s compatible with “Standard” and “Hi-Fi” sound system. The OEM seven-channel amplifier is connected via a forty-two pin multipolar connector. APBMW ReAMP 2 allows to: 1. Retrieve the OEM source front and rear stereo audio signal 2. Route the AP FORZA amp outputs to each of the OEM amplifier seven channels: (Mid-Hi FL; Mid-Hi FR; WF FL; WF FR; RL; RR; Centre) – The Plug&Play terminals enable the user to choose which AP FORZA amplifier output to connect to each of the seven channels of the OEM audio system. – It is also possible to bridge the outputs of the AP FORZA amplifier. 3. Keep the OEM amplifier on. 4. The USS1 prevent the speaker diagnostic error of the centre channel.

Price: £139.99

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